How to Increase Pizza Delivery Tips

Do you deliver pizza?

Do you want to make more money?

Give me five minutes of your time, and I’ll tell you how.

You’ve probably noticed that some drivers make a lot more than others. In busy stores, many of them finish their shift with over $100 a night! They’re saving money, paying off debts, and probably having a good time doing it.

But what about you? Do you want to increase your income by $5 to $20 or even $50 more every week?

If you could do a few simple things on every delivery to increase your tips, would you do them?

Do you want to be as fast and efficient as possible?

Do you want to know easy ways to reduce your expenses?

Driving fast is one way to increase pizza delivery tips

You can learn how to do all this with Pizza Confidential

You don’t have to watch as other drivers make all the money. You don’t have to drive at breakneck speed just to get the food out faster. You don’t have to wonder if you could earn more. If you’re ready to make more money, then read on.

You’re going to like this.

Now you can learn the secrets the pros and lifers use

With just a little effort, you can learn all the tricks, tips, and tactics you need to increase your tips, improve your efficiency, and reduce your experiences.

…And it won’t take long with “Pizza Confidential!Once you read through the guide and begin to practice the techniques, you’ll be making more money…guaranteed.

In this information-packed 14,000+ word ebook, you’ll learn:

  • the 3 opportunities to induce customers to give a better tip
  • the 6 essential supplies that will wow your customers
  • one simple phrase that research has proven to increase tips
  • how to increase your tips by building rapport and liking
  • the 4 things you must know to boost your income
  • how to qucikly figure change…and get a better tip for doing so
  • how to avoid common tip-killing mistakes
  • how to convert your non-tipping customers
  • how to reduce your expenses
  • how to deal with the dreaded Snake
  • how to create the best working conditions for maximum income

Maybe you’re wondering who I am to tell you these secrets.

My fellow delivery drivers, I’ve spent over ten years delivering pizza. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work, and let me tell you: it’s easier than you think, and the rewards are great.

I’ve learned how to make pizza delivery a fun and lucrative job.

Now I’m happy to share this knowledge with you in a convenient and easy-to-use guidebook.

Whether you work part-time, full-time, have been in pizza one week or one year, once you put this information to use you will make more money...and I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to back that up.

You have no risk. Here’s why:

When you use the tips and techniques in Pizza Confidential, this guidebook will pay for itself within 30 days.

If you want to maximize your income, you need to maximize your knowledge: knowledge of the pizza delivery business, of customer psychology and tipping behavior, and of efficiency principles.

delivery scooters have low expenses. Not so good in the winter though

5 Reasons Why You’ll Be Glad You’re Buying Pizza Confidential Today

1. This book will pay for itself within 30 daysIf not, I will issue you a no-hassle, no b-s refund. Even if you half-heartedly apply these techniques, you will increase your income. Depending on your experience, this book could even pay for itself in the first week.

2. Driver income keeps getting slashed. As companies look for ways to reduce their expenses, where do you think they look first? At their labor costs. You need to increase your tips, improve your efficiency, and reduce your expenses.

3. Making more money is fun! When you start thinking of making more money as a game, then this admittedly stressful and dangerous job can become a little more fun.

4. You’ll be learning from someone with 10 years of experience. I know what works and what doesn’t.

5. Pizza confidential is written in an easy-to-follow conversational style. I’ve also tried to make the book fun to read.

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